1440 H
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Ziarat e Ashura



Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa AaleMohammad.

Bismilla Hir Rahma Nir Rahim.

Alhamdo Lil-Iahil-Iazi La Ilaha IlIa Hoval-Malekool-Haqqool-Mobeenool-Modabbero, Bela Vazirin Wa La Khalqin Min Ibadehi Yastasheerool'Avvalo

Ghairo Mavsoofim Val-Baqi Ba'da Fanaa'il Khalqil' Azimoor-Roboo-bi-yate, Nooroos-samavate Val' Arzeena Wa Fatiro Homa Wa Mobtade.ohoma Be-Ghaire.

Amadin Khalaqahoma Wa Fataqahoma Fatqan Faqamatis-sama-vato Ta'ea-tin Be-' Amrehi Vastaqarratil.arazoona Be-av-tadeha Favqal-maae. Soomma '

Ala Rabbona Fis-samavatil'ola Ar-rahmano ' Alal'arshis-tava Lahoo Ma Fis-samavate Wa Ma Fil.arze Wa Ma Bainahooma Wa Ma Tahtas-Sara Fa'ana Ash-hado

Be-annaka Antal-lahool-aarafe'a Lema Vaza'ta Wa La Vaze'al-marafa'ta

Wa La Mo'inna Leman Azlal-ta Wa La Mozilla Leman aa.zazta Wa La Mane'ay Lema aa'taita Wa La Mo'teeya Wa Lema Mana.ta Wa Antal-Iaho

La Ilaha Ilia Anta Koonta Izlam Takoon Samaa.oon Mabni-yatoon Wa La Shamsoon Mozee'atoon Wa La Lailoon Moozlemoon Wa La Naharoon Mozi.oon Wa La Bahroon Lojji-yoon Wa

La Habaloon Rasin Wa La Najmoon Sarin Wa La Qamroon Mooniroon Wa La Reehoon Tahoobbo Wa La Sahaboon Yaskobo Wa La Ra'doon

Yoosabbeho Wa La Roohoon Tanaffaso Wa La Taa'eroon Yateero Wa La Naroon Tatavaq-Qado Wa La Maa'oon Yatredo Koonta

Qabla Qoolle Shai'in Wa Kav-vanta Koolla Shai'in Wa Qadarta '

Ala Koolle Shai'in Vab- Tada'ta Koolla Shai'in Wa Aghnaita Wa Afqarta Wa Amatta Wa Ahaita Wa Azhakta

Wa Abkaita Wa ' Alal'arshish-tavaita Fataba-rakta Ya Allaho Wa Ta'alaita Antal-Iahool-lazi La Ilaha Ilia Antal-Khallaqool-Mo.eeno Amroka Ghaliboon Wa Ilmoka Nafezoon Wa Kaidoka Ghariboon Wa Va'doka

Sadeqoon Wa Qavloka Haqqoon Wa Hookmoka ' Adroon Wa Kalamoka Hoodan Wa Vah-yoka Nooroon Wa Rah-matoka Vase'atoon Wa ' Afvoka ' Azimoon Wa Fazloka Kaseeroon Wa .Ataa'oka Jazeeloon Wa Habloka Matee-

noon Wa Imkanoka ' Atidoon Wa Jaroka ' Azizoon Wa Basoka Shadeedoon Wa Makroka Makeedoon

Anta Ya Rabbe Mavze'o Koolle Shakva Wa Hazero Koolle Mala'in Wa Shahido Koolle Najva Moontaha Koolle Hajatin

Mofarrejo Koolle Hooznin Ghena Koolle Mis-keenin Hisno Koolle Harebin Amano Koolle Khaa'efil

Hirzooz-zo'afaa'e Kanzool-Foqaraa'ay Mofarrejo Lagh-ghamaa'ay Mo'eenoos Saleheena Zalekal-laho Robbona La Ilaha Ilia Hova Takfee Min

'Ibadeka Man Tavak-kala, Alaika Wa Anta Jarr, Man La Zabeka Wa Tazarra'a Ilaika 'Ismato Man'eta~;ama Beka Nasiro Manin- Tasara

Beka Taghfirooz-Zonooba Lemanis-tagh-faraka Jab-barool-Jababerate Azimool' Ozamaa'ay Kabirool-Koba-raa'ay Sayyedoos-Sadate Mavlal-Mavali Sareekhool-Moostas-Rekheena Monaffesoon Anil-Makroobeena Mojeebo Da'vatil-Moztarreena Asma'oos-Same'eena Absaroon-Nazereena Ahkamool-Hakemeena Asra' 001-

H asebeena Ar- hamar- Rahemeena Kha irool ' ghafereena Qazi Havaa'ejil-Mo'meneena Mogheesoos-Saleheena Antal-Iaho La Ilaha Ilia Anta Rabbool' Alameena Anta'-

Khaliqo Wa Anal-makhlooqo Wa Antal-Maliko Wa Anal-mamlooko Wa Antar-Rabbo Wa Ana'-'abdo Wa Antar-Raziqo Wa Anal-mafzooqo Wa Antal-Mo'tee Wa

Anas-saa'elo Wa Antal-Jawado Wa Anal-bakhee'o Wa Antal-Qavi-yo Wa Anaz-za'eefo Wa Antal-'

Azizo Wa Anaz-zaleelo Wa Antal-Ghaniyo Wa Anal-faqiro Wa Antas-Sayyedo Wa Anal-abdo Wa Antal-Ghafiro Wa Anal-moseeo Wa Antal-Alimo Wa Anal-jahilo

Wa Antal-Hakeemo Wa Anal-'ajoolo Wa Antar-Rahmano Wa-Anal-marhoomo Wa Antal-Mo'aafee Wa Anal-moobtala Wa Antal-Mojeebo

Wa Anal-mooztarro Wa Ana-Ash-had Be' Annaka Antal-Iaho La Ilaha Ilia Antal-Mo'tee. Ibadeka Bela Savalin Wa Ash-hado Be-Anneka Antal-lahool-Vahidool. Ahadool -Mootafarredoos -Samadool-

Fardo Wa Ilaikal-Maseero Wa Sal-Ial-Iaho .Ala Mohammadin Wa Ahle Baitehit-tayyebeenat- Tahereena Vagh-firli Zonoobi Vastoor ' Alyya Oyoobi Vaftah-Iee

Min Ladoonka Rahmatan Wa Rizqan Vase.an Ya Ar-Hamar-Rahemeena Val-hamdo Lil-Iahe Rabbil' AlameenaHasbonal-Iaho Wa Ne'mal-Vakeelo Wa La Hovla Wa La

Qoovata Ilia Billahil. Ali-yil' Azim.


Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin Wa AaleMohammad.


In the Name of Allah, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate

All praise is due to Allah. There is no god but He, the Living, the Just, the Manifest. He is the Administrator without any minister and without consultation with any of his slaves.

He is the First, who cannot be described. He is Eternal and will live forever, (even) after the annihilation of all creatures.

He is the greatest Cherisher and Sustainer and the Light of the earths and heavens and their Creator and Maker out of nothing.

He created both of them and separated them – a proper separation.

The heavens became stable in obedience to His commandment and the earths became fixed on the surface of the water with their pegs.

Then our Lord the All-Merciful subdued the high heavens and ruled from the Throne. Everything that is in heaven and in the earth and in between them and what is below the earth belongs to Him.

So, I bear witness that verily You are Allah. There is none to elevate what You hath lowered and no one to exalt him whom You leaves in disgrace and no one to bring into disgrace him whom You exalts and no one to prevent him upon whom You bestoweth Thy favour and no one to bestow anything, which You hath withheld. You are Allah, there is no god but Thee.

Who existed when there was neither the stable sky nor the broad earth nor the brilliant sun nor the dark night, nor the bright day, nor the vast and stormy sea, nor any sublime and stable mountain, nor any revolving planet, nor the luminous moon, nor any blowing wind, nor any raining cloud, nor flashing lightning, nor any praising thunder, nor any breathing soul, nor any flying bird, nor any blazing fire, nor any flowing water.

You existed before the existence of everything and You created everything and controlled everything and originated everything. You enriched some and reduced others to poverty, caused some to die and brought others to life, and made some people glad and other weep. Verily You rules from the Throne. You are of vast blessing, O Allah You are Great and Supreme.

You are Allah and there is no god other than Thee. You are the Creator and Supporter. Thy Decree is everpowering and Thy Knowledge is operative.

Thy strategy is wonderful; Thy promise is true; Thy word is right; Thy command is just;

Thy utterance is right guidance; Thy Revelation is light; Thy mercy is vast and abundant; Thy forgiveness is superb; Thy grace is excessive;

Thy gift is most respectable Thy cord is strong; Thy might is ever ready Thy protégé is powerful; Thy wrath is severe; and Thy stratagem is entrapping

O Lord! With Thee are lodged all complaints. You are present in all gatherings, and are the witness of all secrets, and the ultimate goal of all supplications, the expeller of all sorrows, the affluence of every needy person, the stronghold for every refugee, security for everyone who is terror-stricken, a shield for the weak a treasure for the indigent, the destroyer of griefs, the helper of the virtuous.

Such is Allah, our Lord. There is no god but He. You satisfieth such of Thy slaves as trust unto Thee. You are the protector of him who is firmly attached to Thee and humiliates himself before Thee, a shield for him who seeks refuge with Thee, the help of him who looks up to Thee for help, the forgiver of sins for him who begs Thy pardon, the complier of the tyrant, the most grand of the grand, the most great of the great, the master of masters,

the Lord of lords, the Succour of the grieved, the Helper of those crying for help, the Responder to the call of the distressed, the best of all listeners, the best of all observers, the best of all judges, the quickest of all reckoners, the most merciful of all the merciful the best of all forgivers, the satisfier of the needs of the faithful, and the hearer of the appeals of the virtuous.

You are Allah, there is no god but Thee. You are the Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds You are the Creator and I am a creature.

You are the Master and I am a servant, You are the Lord and I am a slave. You are the Provider while I am provided with sustenance,

You are the Giver while I am a beggar, You are the Generous while I am a miser. You are the Mighty while I am weak, You are the Noble while I am humble. You are the independent while I am needy.

You are the Master while I am slave. You are the Forgive of sins while I am sinful. You are the Omniscient while I am ignorant.

You are the forbearing while I am hasty. You are the All-Merciful and I have been treated with mercy. You are the Provider of safety but I am involved in suffering. You are the Responder and I am the distressed.

And I bear witness that verily You are Allah, there is no god but thee thou bestoweth favours upon Thy slaves even without their asking. And I bear witness that verily You are Allah, the One, the Peerless, the Unique, the independent, the Single,

and verily to Thee we must return. May the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and his family the holy and pure. O Lord, forgive my sins and keep my faults concealed and extend to me Thy special mercy and bounteous sustenance

O the All-merciful! All praise is due to Allah the Cherisher and sustainer of all the worlds And for us Allah is the Sufficiency and the excellent Protector.

There is neither might nor power but with Allah the Great, the Exalted.




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