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"We have been honoured with the very gracious preferment and permission for the full utilization of the khums ijaza-both sehme imam and sehme sadat by his Holiness the Rightfully Royal grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali al-Hussaini Al-Sistani."

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Wiladat Sayyeda Zainab &
Bibi Umme Kulthum (as)

In Byron Hall Ground Floor


Programme Begins at 8.00 pm
Dua-e-Kumail & Surah-e-Yasin
: 8.00 pm  
: 8.35 pm  
English Lecture
: 8.50 pm Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli
Cake Cutting & Qasidah
: 9.30 pm  
Ziarat and Full Nyaz
: 9.40 pm  
Safe Departure for Home
: 10.45 pm  

The creation of Adam (as per Imam Jaffer Sadiq a.s.) - Part 3

Then it was taken to tour the heavens and earth, so the angels came to know Muhammad by name even before knowing Adam. After that it was kneaded into Adams mould. Then it was left for 40 years till it become a moist piece of mud. Then it was left for another 40 years till it become like baked clay, the dry clay that would make a sound if beaten by the hand. Then the Almighty made it like a body and it was placed on the pathway of the angels descending and ascending to the heavens. This is the meaning of the verse saying; "HAS THERE NOT BEEN OVER MAN A LONG PERIOD OF TIME WHEN HE WAS NOTHING (NOT EVEN MENTIONED )" ( QURAN 76.1 ) The messenger of Allah said ( pbuh ); "Adams head and forehead was created from the soil of the Kaaba, his chest and back from the soil of Jerusalem, his thighs from Yemen soil, his legs from Egypt’s soil, his feet from the soil of Hijaz, his right hand from the east of the earth, and his left from the west of the Earth. Then he placed him on the gate of paradise."


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