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"We have been honoured with the very gracious preferment and permission for the full utilization of the khums ijaza-both sehme imam and sehme sadat by his Holiness the Rightfully Royal grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali al-Hussaini Al-Sistani."

17th June 2017
Please bring all your Al-Ayn Sadaqah Boxes Tonight for exchange / submission

5th June 2017

Statement from Bustan E Zehra of London on last week's attacks in London.

With what great sadness the country bears the burden ( yet again ) of the news of terrible attacks that is so distressing & depressive.

The perpetrators of such evil are but evil - and ought to be condemned whole heartedly without any reservation at all . Our hearts , minds and souls are now with the injured and bereaved- we now pray to the almighty for the quick recovery of those in hospital and to give succour & peace to the families whose kinfolk were taken away so tragically.

" We shall never forget those that have fallen wayside and left us - but with a memory of a life so willing yet so short."

"God be with them & may they rest in peace"

Mahmood Padhani
( president )



Saturday 17th June 2017

Shadat Day Imam Ali (as)

Arena 3


Please bring all your Al-Ayn Sadaqah Boxes Tonight for exchange / submission

Ramadhan Duas
: 7.45 pm  
English Lecture
: 8.15 pm Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli
: 8.35 pm Marthiya & Announcements
Urdu Lecture
: 8.55 pm Maulana Mukhtar Abbas
Nauha & Matam
: 9.20 pm  
Jamaat Salaat
: 9.35 pm  
: 10.00 pm  
: 10.45 pm Eve of 23rd Ramadhan Aamals for Muqalideen of Seyyid Abulqasim Al-Khoei (RA)

Sunday 18th June 2017

Laylatul Qadr

Arena 3

Ramadhan Duas
: 8.00 pm  
English Lecture
  Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli
Urdu Lecture
  Maulana Mukhtar Abbas
Jamaat Salaat
: 9.35 pm  
: 10.00 pm  
: 10.45 pm Laylatul Qadr Aaamals - Eve of 23rd Ramadhan
  Light Sehri will be served

The creation of Adam (as per Imam Jaffer Sadiq a.s.) - Part 4

Whenever a group of angels passed by him,  they were dazzled by the beauty of his form and by his height.

They had never seen anything like that or even close. Satan passed by him and saw him, so he asked, for what purpose have you have been created?" Then he hit him, but he noticed it was hollow, so he entered inside from his mouth and came out at the other end.

Then he said to the angels, 
"this is a hollow creature which cannot stand nor keep itself together."

Then he asked the angels - "suppose this thing is given preference over you, what would you do then? They said, we will obey our Lords command in his regard,
so satan said to himself, "By ALLAH if this thing is preferred over me, I will contest, but if i am preferred over it, i shall destroy it."

To this does the Almighty refer in the verse, "..........and i know what you manifest and what you hide" (Quran, 2:33)

When ALLAH (swt) wanted to breathe the soul into Adam, he ordered the soul to enter through his mouth. But the soul said 
"it is an entrance deep and dark" he repeated this order and it repeated the same answer.
The same thing happened third time, and the fourth time he said
"enter into it against your wish and come out of it likewise".

Once the soul was breathed into him, the first place it entered was his brain, and it remained there for 200 years.


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